Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Schwa Was Here

Calvin Schwa is an 8th grader who had a knack of being “nearly invisible”.  All he wants is to be noticed.  When Anthony(Antsy) Bonano notices him he helps him withs bets and dares and they are dared to go to infamous old man Crawley’s house.  He has dogs named after the seven sins and the seven virtues and they must get a dog bowl.  When Crawley unexpectedly returns to his apartment they get caught.  So they must walk the dogs (one boy sins one virtues) and care for them so Crawley won’t call the police.  This event causes the Schwa to look harder for his mother and helps the boys meet a girl named Lexie.  This blind girl will cause some issues in their friendship.  The Schwa goes to great lengths to be noticed and somehow he might get his greatest wish if he can pull this stunt off.

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