Book Of the Week

The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #1)

  Nicholas Flamel and his wife died in 1418. He was the greatest Alchemist of his time. There are even accounts that he found the book of Abraham which gave him the power to create eternal life... 
 Sophie and Josh Newman are about to discover just how true these accounts are. Both employed by a couple that has shops across from each other the twins have a pretty good deal, even though their bosses are a little odd. One day when a man stinking of sulfur comes into the bookstore where Josh works he realizes how much he doesn't know about the world. The man makes yellow smoke float from his had and rot the bookstore. That is what sucks Sophie and Josh into the world of magic that the immortal Nicholas Famel lives in and they may be more important than they ever dreamed.


Princess Ben

        Benevolence is a princess who just wants to go back to the way life was before her parents were assassinated. She is now under the care of the dreadful Queen Sophia. Who locks her in a tower, begins starving her (a princess should be more thin after all!) and starts working on arranging her marriage to the prince of the country that probably arranged her parents' death! Life is miserable for Princess Ben until she stumbles upon some mysterious this in her tower. Then she discovers a room full of magical items and secretly starts her training in magic. She must save the kingdom -and herself- before it is too late.  
by Alexandra Bullen

Olivia Larsen loves her sister very much... No, not loves; loved, she is dead now. At least she was, but not anymore. A beautiful dress shows up with her name on it and it granted her biggest wish: to get her sister back.Her popular, lovable amazing twin sister has cone back to life, at least kind of, only Olivia can see her. Now they discover that Olivia has two more wishes, and only a few rules apply to them: Don't tell your friends about the dresses or the magical shop and girl that create them, you have to mean the wish in your heart. Together again might not be forever, and Olivia will have to learn to move on. She will have to find the meaning of life.


 City of Bones
by Cassandra Clare

  Clary Fray is going to a club with her best friend Simon when she sees a teenage boy murdered. But she is the only one who can see the three teenage murderers. They are covered with swirling black tattoos and hold strange glowing blades. When she calls for security the body has dissolved into black ash. There is no blood or sign of any struggle. No one can see the murderers, but her. And the murderers say the murdered boy wasn't what she thought he was. It won't be the last time she sees them, within the next day her world is turned upside-down and she finds refuge with what turns out to be the shadowhunters. She finds herself falling for Jace, one of the three she met at the club. They discover she has the Sight, the power to see things most people don't believe are real. With her mother kidnapped by a demon, and being attacked by one herself, she is sucked into their world. It turns out that she may have more connected to shadowhunters than she wants to believe


Gemma is a 16 years old and has neglectful parents; friends that got her to drink and a boy who stalks her. He is no the only one. When she is about to go on vacation with her parents she has a fight with her mother and goes to get a coffee. What she doesn't expect is to have it drugged and be whisked away to the Australian Outback by Ty. He is not the typical kidnapper. He is a handsome young man who has been planning this for years. He says he is saving her. He wants her to love him. When Gemma realizes she needs him she spends her summer in the Outback fighting, struggling, and spending time with Ty until she isn't sure if this is the worst thing that could have happened to her...