Saturday, March 19, 2011

Strange Angels by Lilith Saintcrow

Dru Anderson has moved all around the continent hunting monsters with her dad. When they move to a new town one of the last things she expected was her to to be turned into one of them. He shows up knocking at the door as one of the reanimated dead. Now she is alone orphaned and she gets her only friend, who used to be a normal human, into some serious trouble in the Real World. She must discover who turned her dad into a zombie and why they killed her mother. And why on Earth they would want to kill her! There are three things I didn't like about this book: the cover and title. The cover didn't do the book justice and the title had nothing to do with the book! The third was the constant swearing, it just got on my nerves, there are more ways to express yourself than swears! Other than that it was really good. Book Website, Author website

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Amy is 17 when she is frozen with her parents. She is going aboard the spaceship Godspeed and will be awakened on a new planet in 300 years. When she is woken 50 years early she doesn't know what to do in this ship where she obviously doesn't belong. And it was any malfunction it was an attempted murder! And when more of the frozen people are dying she must get help from Elder who will someday lead the ship. He could be a love she never thought she would have. I liked the double narrative throughout the book between Elder and Amy. Beth Revis

Matched by Ally Condie


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fallen by Lauren Kate

by Lauren Kate

Daniel Grigori is so familiar. But Luce Price can't quiet remember where she might have met him before. The first day she goes to Sword & Cross, a boarding school for juvenile delinquents, she is drawn to him. At her new school in Georgia cell phones are banned and the school is full of kids that did some pretty bad things and went to court (like Luce) and landed here. Daniel makes sure to show Luce that he doesn't want to be near her, but she still can't help but want to be with him. His reasons are his deepest secrets and she will go as far as she has to to discover them, it might kill her.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment by James Patterson

by James Patterson

Max is just an average 14 year old girl. She lives life on the run from hybrid creatures called Erasers with her family which she calls the flock (Fang, Nudge, Iggy, Gasman and Angel). And they all just happen to have wings. When the youngest of the flock, Angel is kidnapped and taken to a place called the school they just run into more trouble. The Flock was created at the School. By the crazy scientists that do genetic experiments on animals and children. They are extremely cruel and now they have one of Max's family members and she will do anything to get her back.

Beastly by Alex Flinn

by Alex Flinn

Kyle Kingsbury is a beast. Not a wild animal, but a human on the inside. He doesn't have a disease or a deformity. He is cursed, yes cursed. Like in a fairy tale or a book, only he lives in New York.  He was the most popular boy in school all for being handsome, but that was before a which decided to punish him by making him as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside. He can only break it if he kisses some one he loves and if they love him back. But Who will love him if he is this Beastly?

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

 by Cynthia Hand

Clara Gardner is not like us, she's not human even though she believed she was up until two years ago. One minute she was good at everything she tried, (she is smarter, stronger, and just plain better) now she realized it is because she is part angle. This means she has a purpose. I mission. The only reason she is even here on earth. She begins to have visions of a boy she will save from a forest fire. Along with her whole life her half-angle mother and brother is uprooted so she can complete it. When Clara finds the boy from her vision everything seems perfect, until she meets Tucker. He is the perfect boy in a whole different way. She makes her way closer to her purpose but it becomes more and more possible she might lose her way as she tries to understand her more and more confusing life.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Schwa Was Here

Calvin Schwa is an 8th grader who had a knack of being “nearly invisible”.  All he wants is to be noticed.  When Anthony(Antsy) Bonano notices him he helps him withs bets and dares and they are dared to go to infamous old man Crawley’s house.  He has dogs named after the seven sins and the seven virtues and they must get a dog bowl.  When Crawley unexpectedly returns to his apartment they get caught.  So they must walk the dogs (one boy sins one virtues) and care for them so Crawley won’t call the police.  This event causes the Schwa to look harder for his mother and helps the boys meet a girl named Lexie.  This blind girl will cause some issues in their friendship.  The Schwa goes to great lengths to be noticed and somehow he might get his greatest wish if he can pull this stunt off.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clockwork Angle

 Clockwork Angle by Cassandra Clare
I love the stories about shadow hunters but i liked this one even more.Loved the action. This is about the struggle of Theresa Gray when  she goes to London to find her brother. She is kidnapped my the cruel Dark Sisters, a pair of warlocks, that train her to use an extraordinary power she never knew she had.  And they are training her to please the mysterious Magister who will do what ever it takes to get his hands on her power. When the shadow hunters find her stumbling upon shadowy disappearances of mundanes (humans) she is afraid and doesn't have any one to help her. Until they let her be a temporary gust at the London Institute. They offer to help her find her brother and she warily accepts. And when she realizes she is falling in love with two of the shadow hunters she must choose between to best friends. This was a great book about love, loss and discovering who you are but not in a boring way.