Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clockwork Angle

 Clockwork Angle by Cassandra Clare
I love the stories about shadow hunters but i liked this one even more.Loved the action. This is about the struggle of Theresa Gray when  she goes to London to find her brother. She is kidnapped my the cruel Dark Sisters, a pair of warlocks, that train her to use an extraordinary power she never knew she had.  And they are training her to please the mysterious Magister who will do what ever it takes to get his hands on her power. When the shadow hunters find her stumbling upon shadowy disappearances of mundanes (humans) she is afraid and doesn't have any one to help her. Until they let her be a temporary gust at the London Institute. They offer to help her find her brother and she warily accepts. And when she realizes she is falling in love with two of the shadow hunters she must choose between to best friends. This was a great book about love, loss and discovering who you are but not in a boring way.

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