Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hex Hall

by  Rachel Hawkins

Sophie Mercer discovered she was a witch on her thirteenth birthday. She has tried to use her powers to help people but it just ends up screwing up and making people run in fear. After trying to help a girl on prom night the Council sends her to a reform school for faeries shape shifters and witches. On her first day she is attacked by a werewolf and saved  by a warlock she instantly falls for On top of that his girlfriend is Sophie's new worst enemy; she looks like a model and leads a coven of dark witches that Sophie turned down.   Not only that but there is a ghost that follows her around the school.There is also a single vampire student who just happens to be the student everyone hates, and Sophie's roommate. Sophie gets tangled into the murder of a student when her roommate and only friend is the number one suspect, and more attempted murders are happening; and Sophie is definitely connected. To save herself and her friend she has to find who was behind it. And I really love the covers for this series!!