Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Rules of Survival

by Nancy Werlin

                 Matt and his two sisters live in fear. Each day is just another one to survive, their mother is unpredictable and dangerous. Matt wants nothing more then to make his sisters and himself safe. Going to a store he sees Murdoch save a child from his abusive father and he dares to hope Murdoch could help him. After two years of searching Matt finally finds Murdoch but it is snatched away by his mother who remarkably starts dating Murdoch. But once he gets to know her he dumps her. Life becomes even worse for the kids. Can Matt find refuge with his father, can he get Murdoch to save him? Or will he have to do something else to end the struggle to survive in his own home, and save his sisters? I like this book but it was one I could put aside and forget for a few months.

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