Friday, April 1, 2011


by Lauren Oliver

64 years ago people finally came to their senses and declared that love was a disease infecting everybody, destroying the world. Luckily the president of the United States got scientists working on developing a cure. Only the United States survived thanks to a cure everyone is given (regardless of their wishes, because they may be under the influence of deliria) when they turn eighteen. Lena Holoway is just a few months away (exactly 94 days, if you're counting, which she is) from the best birthday of her life - the 18th - she will finally be rid of the deliria that forced her mother to lose her sanity. A life full of happiness, no pain of uncertainty, and Lena is almost there. She can't wait but she might have been meant to go a different path; one that involves her falling in love. 

I loved this book. Partly because it took place where I live. I can't wait for the next one and I really recommend it.

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